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Weather, agronomic advice & optimal application times for over 22,000 inputs, including nitrogen.

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Find the best application slots and agro
advice for over 20,000 plant protection products, fertilizers and adjuvants.

Details of agris' preferred functionalities in 2023

Reliable weather in the commune

Ultra-reliable predictions based on 15 weather models, spatialized to your locality

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Optimum input efficiency niches

Mode of action for each product, including multi-mode. Simple, fun color coding.

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Fine rain radar accurate to 6 hours

Precipitation visible in real time up to + 3 hours and - 3 hours,
spatialized to your farm's municipality

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5 boilies saved on home screen

Entered boilies visible at a glance for rapid prioritization according to best slots

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Pest activity period

Pest presence taken into account in the window of opportunity for insecticide application

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Detailed agro parameters for each time slot

Understand why a niche is good or bad. Detailed parameters according to mode of action (hygrometry, leaching, drift, etc...)

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