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Litigation and local residents

Spraying plant protection products has become a delicate subject. Perhaps you've already had to deal with local residents who get upset when they see a sprayer out in the field? Perhaps you've already been attacked while doing your job protecting your crops? We're seeing more and more cases of disputes between neighbors and farmers over crops damaged by unwanted plant protection products.

Even if you follow good spraying practices - no wind, correct conditions, a well-adjusted sprayer - it's often difficult to prove them. How do you appease local residents? How can you prove that it wasn't you who caused your neighbor's damaged crops? HYGO could be the answer.

Field sprayer

Many of our customers have equipped themselves with HYGO to demonstrate their good spraying practices and to use data as proof.

HYGO provides simple, actionable advice on the optimum use of over 3,700 agricultural inputs, to avoid drift and evaporation losses. Thanks to an on-board weather station, you can collect and manage all meteorological data while spraying. So, in the event of a dispute, you can easily prove your good practices.

Didier temoignage alvie
"We get very good results from HYGO weather and its reliability. For us it's a notch above all the weather we used to find on our phones, and that's what prompted us to take out a subscription with HYGO to get a bit more reliability."
Didier Troizier, farmer in Tours-sur-Marne, member of the CÉRÉSIA cooperative

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