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Cost optimization

Managing spraying operations on a farm is becoming increasingly demanding. Between changing regulations, the need to ensure quality spraying operations and the pressure to increase margins, every day brings a new challenge.  

Are you looking for ways to optimize your farm's costs?
With HYGO, you can make significant savings on your phytosanitary bill.

"Before HYGO, I never reduced my doses. Now, I modulate according to the percentages HYGO gives me, I have no difference in results and what's more I save product, I have some left over at the end of my treatments."
Arnaud Neve, farmer in Nanteuil-la-Forêt, member of the CÉRÉSIA cooperative


Thanks to an innovative, patented principle, you can simply adjust your fungicide and herbicide doses according to the weather. You can potentially save between 12 and 15% on your phytosanitary bill, depending on the doses you're already using and the times of day you're spraying. Of the 350 farmers who are currently HYGO customers, 120 had never modulated their phytosanitary doses before.
Today, they follow HYGO's application advice on optimal time slots and reduced doses to apply, and save on phytosanitary products in a safe and tested way.

Simulate your return on investment with HYGO

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