HYGO, the agronomic assistant in your pocket

With HYGO, spray with peace of mind. HYGO supports you throughout the spraying cycle, from weather monitoring to regulatory traceability.

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Efficient spraying with optimum yield

Includes crop protection products, growth regulators, adjuvants, nitrogen solutions & fertilizers

Advice & application slots for over 22,000 inputs and mixtures

+ Application slots and customized sprays
+ Intelligent 5-day planning wizard
+ Forbidden mix alerts
+ Adjuvant advice
+ Insect activity periods
+ Ammonia volatilization (nitrogen)

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Micro-meteo data collection
automated by processing

+ Connected with the 5-day planning tool
+ Agronomic evaluations from the
application + Possibility of exporting data
+ Interconnection with your plot software and epidemiological models

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Smooth, detailed traceability

Automated recording of spraying by plot with weather conditions, during and after treatment.

Safe dose optimization

Patented modulation algorithm certified by 150 agronomic trials.

5 to 25% modulation potential per tank

+ Advice when preparing the spray mixture
+ For herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators only
+ Calculation based on equipment, weather during and after application, soil conditions, adjuvants, active ingredients, crop.

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Gain 0.206 CEPP/ha

More than 15,000 farmers have taken the plunge! What about you?

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"I've been modulating doses for years and HYGO reassures me: in some cases, confirms my decision to reduce the dose and gives me a secure percentage. In other cases, it suggests new modulations that I wasn't doing before, and therefore helps me progress.

I find the tool easy to use and intuitive."
Arnaud Crépin, farmer at La Ferrière
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