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Phyto modulation expert

Our HYGO solution includes an expert mode to challenge your phyto modulation and go further in reducing crop inputs. HYGO's algorithms have been designed and tested to avoid any yield losses linked to modulation. Our expert agronomy engineers are here to support you in expert dose reduction, and to help you become an ambassador for phyto reduction.

HYGO weather display

Are you a technology-savvy farmer committed to reducing inputs to your crops while maintaining quality yields? HYGO and the entire Alvie team congratulate you and are here to support you in your challenge.

+ Make sure that your dosages are really as low as possible
+ Monitore precisely the conditions of application for your sprays and challenge the optimization of phyto dosages
+ Stay informed: when can I reduce and why? When do I have to respect the indicated doses and why?
+ Get support from professional experts in phyto optimization to go further.

Stephane Taconnet portrait
"I tried weeding corn. HYGO offered me a 12% dose reduction, so I applied it on the first pass and then pushed my test further by making one pass at 20% and one at 25%. I wanted to see if HYGO was putting us at risk. And no, we can't go beyond that. HYGO's modulation percentages are pretty reliable and that's reassuring."
Stéphane Taconnet, farmer in Aoste, member of the Oxyane cooperative

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